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Why You Should Use Social Media for Customer Service

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Customer Service Portal
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Customer service is changing in order to keep up with rapid growth and development of innovative communication channels. Billions of customers whiz past large amount of information on social networks, websites and blogs every day. Today’s customers are more demanding and savvy about products, brands and businesses online before they close on any deals. Due to this empowerment, customers demand for immediate and prompt access to information and in case they don’t get it they move on to the next alternative.

A company’s success in addressing its customers’ concerns and issues, lies under the recognition of utilising social media platforms to effectively and proactively respond to them. If you are unable to do so then you will lose out on a significant chunk of your targeted audience as this will leave them unsatisfied. Here are top 3 reasons why using social media for customer service portal is important and its implications:

1. Communication Is Prompt

When people experience something bad they use social media platforms to communicate their experiences. They will not wait 30 minutes on hold or a day to receive a response via email. This is why social media prevails to fasten the process of communication. It is estimated from a study conducted by the Lithium Technologies that 53% of customers, who enquired about the brand on Twitter, expected a response within an hour irrespective of when they tweeted and this percentage rose to 72% if it was a complaint. If your response team is not equipped to respond proactively, then it could cost you substantially because customers can start spreading ill-reviews about your company and their experiences.

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An example of SoDash Team Report which is designed to measure your internal teams’ effectiveness. This report type shows how many messages users are sending and their response time statistics.

2. Customers Have a More Personal Brand Experience

People favour communication with people rather than automatically generated emails or tone-based phone menus. Social media gives you the benefit of catering to your customer’s need on an individual basis. Your response team can now promptly act against a complaint posted on Facebook or if a customer tweeted a question related to your brand on Twitter. Whatever the post or tweet is about, social media keeps you one step ahead so that your customers can enjoy optimum satisfaction through real time responses.

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An example of a real time conversation between Virgin Mobile USA and an angry customer.

However, if companies don’t meet customer expectations it is observed that 2 out of 5 people begin to feel negative towards the brand. About 3 out of 5 people will even go to the extent of taking undesirable actions because 74% of these people believe that criticising a brand over social media will result in better customer service.

3. Follow-up is Easier

Staying close on your customer’s tracks as they purchase your product, experience it and voice out their opinions is crucial. It is only through this that you will be able to proactively respond to their complaints when they post them over social media platforms. Addressing their concerns and trying to resolve them will create optimum customer satisfaction.

If in case the matter isn’t resolved, you can ask the customer whether the help provided was useful or not. If not, then another medium of action can be used. It is reported that about 71% of consumers are most likely to recommend the brand to others if they have had a satisfying experience. If your response team is unable to react then it is more likely that your competitors will try to address your customers’ concerns.

By: Alireza Ajam

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