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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – On Images and Social Media

By 10th October 2016 Marketing No Comments

Hands up time – Does anyone still remember the act of physically developing photos?

Hanging them up in a dark room to dry? Some will see this as the rose-tinted golden era of photography. To others, this is the hallmark of a dinosaur in a digital age. Even the idea of having to do something like that now, shows just how far photography has came. Gone, are the clothes line of part-ready photos. In, are the thousands of selfie-driven gigabytes. In a world where every device has an ever better camera, and the inclusion of visual and video content becoming the keys to engagement, how do you make your snap, pop? Here’s 3 quick tips:

1. Space. Lots and lots of space.


Welcome to the world of “creative/negative space”. Maintaining a large amount of empty space in a shot makes the subject stand out more, attracting more attention and driving a strong response from the viewer. Given the noise of social media, a sharp clean image that cuts through the traffic is a valuable asset. If you’re on mobile, activating gridlines can help you achieve this. Here’s a useful link to the “rule of thirds”, which will get you on the right track.

2. Leading Lines


Leading lines catch the viewers eye, and lead them through the image. The above typically finds the viewer following the rail of the staircase down, wondering what is at the bottom. This can work in a number of ways, whether through the use of paths, objects, or even edges of desks. Leading lines can draw attention towards or away from the subject of your photo, but above all serve to intrigue and positively challenge. Use them to get more view time, and an increased likelihood of sharing and positive engagement.

 3. You’re on Candid Camera


Most readers (we think), will remember or at least have heard of Candid Camera. Essentially, your reactions to a prank are filmed without you knowing, creating a genuine and honest reaction that makes for compelling viewing. Come to think of it, in many ways this is the birthplace of reality tv – suddenly, it’s maybe not so wonderful. However, candid photography, showing a more natural state of being looks more genuine. Trying to portray you and your business as an honest, genuine, and quality service? Perhaps you’re running a bakery? Taking snaps of your cakes being created in a natural light, without filters or preparation, conveys nothing but organic reality. That’s not just marketing buzzwords – that’s a really good thing.

So, lights, camera, action.

Or, just use cat pics.


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