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The #indyref 2014 Swearing League Table

Scottish-independenceEarlier this year I presented an analysis of the debate around the Scottish Independence Referendum — a debate which really engaged people, the way politics rarely does. As part of that, we looked into online abuse and “cybernats”. I observed that Wings Over Scotland swore the most. He asked, reasonably enough, to see the league table. Here it is — the top 10 swearers from the debate on Twitter:

@wingsscotland 0.73%
@britnatabusebot 0.63%
@mcculloch_0 0.23%
@scotlandweluvu 0.21%
@strongerunited1 0.19%
@mae_carson1 0.19%
@alicmurray 0.19%
@tighnacoille 0.19% [1] @johnnydundee 0.15%
@tucker5law 0.15%

So Wings Over Scotland managed to beat an automated swearing bot (@britnatabusebot would retweet pro-union swearing) to take first place. Yes, Wings swore more than a robot built for swearing. But look at the low percentages: that tells you that swearing was a democratic thing.

[1]: @tighnacoille merely uses the word “damned”, which arguably isn’t swearing, although it was counted here. This league table measures the quantity, not the quality of swearing.


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