SoDash Social Media: The New Customer Service Tool

Social Media: The New Customer Service Tool

Twitter is now THE social media customer service toolThere is no doubt that customer service plays a very vital role in business success and there are a range of ways to engage with customers – from face-to-face to mass emails. In today’s market, social media is one of the newest forms of communication that businesses can use to reach and interact with their customers at a personalised level.

By mid-2015 Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users and Twitter had 316 million monthly active users. Considering that the companies were founded in 2004 and 2006, that’s a massive growth of social media users around the world.

Companies have realised this and are actively using social media to promote their brands across time zones and languages.

Unfortunately, having a social media presence in itself, is no longer enough!

Whether you want it or not, customers use social media to share their opinion about your brand. So it is very important for you to listen and engage with these opportunities. Previously social media was only a place to present your brand for marketing and advertising purposes, however now it’s another customer service tool to add to your repertoire.

5 Basic Elements When Using Social Media For Customer Service

  1. Treat each social media platforms differently, since each have different functionality with difference audience. Twitter is a great platform to hold brief conversations with customers, whereas LinkedIn is the place to start when you’re looking for new talent.
  2. Customers talk, complain, ask and suggest on social media. You need to listen, engage and respond to your customers appropriately. You are not communicating with one individual, but with their entire network.
  3. Customers expect you to respond promptly. According to research, “42 Percent of Consumers Complaining in Social Media Expect 60 Minute Response Time”. Forget about days and hours and focus on minutes and seconds!
  4. Train all your staff properly. All employees need to be aware of your company’s social media policies to deliver a top class customer service.
  5. Keep accurate and complete customer records to maintain a good relationship with customers. There are many tools available in the market, including SoDash, which provide an efficient CRM for social media channels.

By: Alireza Ajam

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