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SoDash version 18c released!

By 9th December 2015 Social Media No Comments

SoDashOur latest version of SoDash has been stabilised and pushed out to our various clients around the world.

Version 18c has a few minor bug fixes as well as a few new shiny features that our clients will love!  The major new feature is…

Twitter Analytics – Clients are now able to see their twitter analytics whenever they generate a report that includes one of their twitter accounts.  Users will be able to see the amount of views that their individual tweets receive as well as the amount of retweets that their tweet went through. Clients will also see a snapshot of their follower/following statistics at the top of reports.  Including new followers and how many people were reached in recent times.

Other ‘version 18c’ features include:

“Who is online” – Dashboard Widget:  Which shows clients whom from their team is also on their workspace concurrently

“Messages by Profile” – Dashboard Widget: Which shows how many messages were sent and received by Twitter accounts which are linked to a client’s workspace

…Oh, and there’s just one more thing…

We’ve been hard at work developing our SoGrow platform which helps companies and businesses alike to grow their social media audience with accuracy and automation.  Specific to version 18c of SoDash, we have been working on what we have come to call the “Playlist”.  The Playlist is a tool which allows marketers and social media officials to store their future outgoing messages and have them tweeted in a random order at a set frequency (number per day, number per hour, etc.).  The Playlist even accepts your tweets to be uploaded via a CSV document, allowing you to save hours of work copying-and-pasting from your documents to the Playlist.  The Playlist is not enabled on our SoDash platform by default.  But, it is available for any existing SoDash client (at no extra charge) upon request.  If you’d like to enable the Playlist on your workspace, please email us at .  If you’d like to learn more about SoGrow or the Playlist, please email us at

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