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Social Media for Start-Ups

SoDash Services is the easy cost-effective way to get social media working for your business.

The Challenge: Everyone now knows that social media can make and break businesses. Most businesses now have a social-media profile, and customers now expect it. But social media takes time! In a small business, your time and energy are stretched. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… where’s the time? Social media could generate leads, buzz & a customer community for you. But you need to focus on the product and business… How can you also use social media?

Solution: SoDash Services can get you moving on social media without a big investment of money or time. At SoDash, we’ve helped businesses ranging from one-person start-ups, through to brands like Harrods and EMI Music. How does SoDash help you?

Talk to us, tell us your budget and the time you can put in, and we’ll help you get the best setup.

Here are some of the services we provide, with packages from £19 a month:

  1. SoGrow: Tell us about you company and your target audience, then let us find and build your community on Twitter.
  2. Cross-platform: Check one page, write once, send everywhere — SoDash collects messages from across social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs, forums and more…) for customer-service, and it can send your marketing messages out to multiple sites. SoDash even integrates with email, so you can combine your email & social-media customer service.
  3. Playlist: Regularly send your messages out across social media. Using a mix of helpful tips, good quotes, and a sprinkling of sales ads, you can keep up an ongoing presence without constantly working.
  4. Social Media Scheduler: Write your messages in a focused block, then set them to go out at the right time.
  5. Social Media Alerts: Get notified by email or SMS when something important happens (e.g. a spike in traffic).
  6. Ghostwriters: Auto-responders which draft replies for you, speeding up how you handle common questions.
  7. Share the workload – the SoDash platform makes it easy for everyone in the team to contribute to the company’s social media.
  8. Plus many more! Here’s the full list of features (waring: it’s a long list — but we’ll help you get setup).

Benefits: Your business connects with interested customers, builds a community, and manages it’s communications better. As your company grows, SoDash supports you, dividing up the workload between teams and people.

Contact us today to get moving on social media.

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