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Social Media and the Job Market

It’s no secret that trying to find a job is a very real challenge. Consider the range of challenges that face the modern jobseeker – businesses conducting ever longer interview processes, the lack of quality and meaningful interview feedback, the endless stream of applications that receive no reply. Suffice to say, these are things that can break even the most strong-willed candidate. Further to these issues, there’s a new avenue that a modern jobseeker must consider – and that’s their presence on social media.


Yes, on it’s own this isn’t a revolutionary “blow your mind and change the world” type of claim. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t be swearing or being controversial on a public profile. But now that we enter a new era of social media, one which not only shows written content but puts increasing value on the power of visual, it’s time to start thinking about this in new ways. An employer might, and probably will, check any profile – and that includes Instagram and Pinterest. So while your selfies might require #NoFilter, it’s certainly time to consider one for your content. Let’s clear up some common fallacies;

The views expressed on this profile are mine alone, and do not reflect the views of my employer”

lawbook croppedSounds great. Except this has absolutely no legal value. If your employer doesn’t like what you say, and feels it reflects badly on them, there are eventualities that can see this classed as misconduct. By choosing to disseminate information, you take on liability and risk – whether it’s a retweet of someone else’s work doesn’t matter, you have shared the content. There’s also the fact that this disclaimer doesn’t prevent people associating your views with that of the employer, which can further the damage of a controversial social post.

“I have free speech, I can say what I want”

speech at podium

You certainly do. However, consider the following statement:

“I entirely believe that cars aren’t powered by petrol, they are powered by rainbows and unicorns. The contents of Harry Potter are not J.K Rowling’s imagination, they are a historical account of my childhood.”

Put enough statements like this out there, and it soon turns from amusing to deeply concerning – that moment when you realise it’s not a joke that’s being dragged out, it’s a genuine belief. Just because you can (within reason) say what you like – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. It should also be added that while you are allowed to express beliefs, this doesn’t give you the right to be offensive and hide behind this when challenged, or when you’ve been ruled out of a job opportunity



double face palmOh, the witty input of decade old you. Do you find yourself cringing at it? Or perhaps you look back on it fondly (as, in this writer’s view, you definitely should). Either way, I’m afraid it has to go. Now, I’m not an advocate for erasing memories. Mainly because I don’t have the power, and if I did, I’d be writing for Men In Black instead (in your face SoDash editorial, you can’t stop me now!). However, do consider who can see it. Go through and switch this content to “Only Me”, or for the risky, “Friends only”. If you’re the kind of person with very few photos on social media, then there’s every chance that the drunken Halloween picture from 5 years ago will be towards the top of the pile. Even if there’s lots of photos on your profile, if your employer clicks on “albums”, that top photo from “Uni Dayz” might let you down. And unfortunately, it isn’t going to reflect well.


Get your own back

sword to sky

Enough of the employer’s side. Let’s get back to you. Remember that social media offers you the chance for you to get to know the employer too. You can find your hiring manager, the company, and some of the team – get a feel for what works and implement this in your application. Social media can also allow you to passively apply for roles with greater ease – With employers being ever more active on social media, often with dedicated teams for social media and recruitment, it can be a different and innovative way of getting your CV in front of the people that matter. Looking for that social media executive job? What better way to prove your value than tweeting them images of your CV? What about following their career page, and having your CV pinned to the top of your profile – meaning that when they follow you back, they have an instant opportunity to review?

The Challenges



If you’re still employed and job-searching, it’s safe to say your employer might not be delighted by you posting about seeking a job on Twitter and Facebook 24/7. And there’s also the time cost – it might get attention, but is the time spent finding, following, interacting and sharing going to result in an interview or call? This is where automation comes in. Let’s introduce you to our younger, more attractive sibling. The golden child of the SoDash family – SoGrow.

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We maybe fight at the dinner table over all the best data on our respective plates, but using an intelligent automation tool like SoGrow will see you automatically reaching out to, and interacting with, your target audience. Set it up to target key industry recruiters in your field, your dream employers, and make the program share relevant news from your industry. For example, an accountant might share relevant news from the ACCA, ACA, or local and national CPA offices. A social media executive might share news from Mashable, Social Media Examiner and TechCrunch (and maybe our blog, if that’s not too cheeky?!). Doing so will show you to have the finger on the pulse of your industry, and improve the chances of you being positively received when it’s time to face the hiring manager.

Trial your new social CV, SoGrow, for 30 days entirely free. In addition to this, e-mail after your account has been made and we’ll offer you a free social media employability report, which details how your page and SoGrow set-up can be optimised for maximum success. It’s free to sign up to SoGrow, so what’s there to lose? Visit to learn more!


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