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How to Streamline your Social Media Workflow

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By guest blogger Rachel R

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The two common misconceptions of social media are; that you have to dedicate an employee to post to an array of networks throughout the whole day. The more profiles you are engaging with, the more visibility you have. Wrong! The more profiles you have to engage with, the greater the workload.

So how do you streamline your social media workflow and maximise commercial gains?

Know your audience

The most important part of any social media campaign is knowing your audience.

One needs to know the networks that the audience interacts with and then compare it with the channels that fit your product or service. The easiest way to do this is by looking at the engagement on competitor’s channels and thinking about the media you are able to create with internal or outsourced resources.

Users interact differently on each channel, how does this fit with your business’ objectives?

Investigate #hashtags that your potential customers use. Each product or service will have its own set of hashtags, and so will every channel.

Centralise Accounts

There’s nothing worse for a user than not receiving a message back, and there’s nothing worse for a business than bad press in the public’s view.

So, how do you solve this?

Centralise accounts into a single dashboard for customer service, close inactive accounts and focus your marketing efforts on a handful of networks that work for your business.

An inactive social account does nothing for gaining a following and increases work load. Most of the time, followers use social media channels for customer service, if you have too many channels to monitor lack of response can escalate a situation.

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SoDash workspace is your snapshot into all of your social media activity. It gives you the information that you care about as soon as you log in. The dashboard is fully customisable and data can be displayed from any Stream you create.

Let’s face it if it goes wrong, it can be crippling for any business


For any campaign there are two parts that need to be included; paid/sponsored activity and ad hoc posts that interact with followers and piggyback of real time news.

Paid or sponsored campaigns should be used to drive commercial objective. A business goal could be anything from increasing likes to driving visitors to landing page for a White Paper download.

But, and this is a big but.

Before you start throwing money at a post you should plan the end objective, segment your audience and set a budget. What do you want? What benefit is it the business? And how am I going to achieve the results I want.

The more defined your audience is; the lower your reach but the greater the conversion rates.

Think long term

Irrelevant campaigns such as “free iPad” competitions are great for the short term and gaining extra likes. But, long term these users are unlikely to engage with your page – unless you targeted the campaign to reach people who have an interest in your brand. You should know that with Facebook’s new algorithm, lack of interaction can restrict your reach on posts substantially, so don’t chase vanity likes.

Don’t be afraid to be off-the-cuff — use relevant news stories to piggyback.

One of the most effective campaigns recently was the Oreo tweet after the black out at the Super Bowl reaching millions of people within an hour.

It doesn’t have to be planned out to be successful.


Use scheduling and reporting tools to plan your activity across the channels.

Schedule your marketing posts on a Monday and use the time allocated within the rest of the week to create ad hoc posts and engage with your customers.

Create reports that are in line with your business objectives, refine posts, target posts to times of the day when interaction is at its peak. Use data to lead decisions and test.

Don’t be disheartened when you don’t get the impact you expected straight away. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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