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How hotels & retailers can offer a better Customer experience using social listening tools

Having talked to more than 500 CMO-s over the world, 80% of which includes retailers and companies from the Hospitality and Retail sectors, we know there is a struggle to manage social information and convert it into usable revenue boosting data.

In order to help address this, we provide a platform that has the capacity for our customers to pull in data from Tripadvisor, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, blogs, forums, Amazon reviews, ReviewCentre and TrustPilot. This allows us to provide a concise but multi-streamed assessment, helping the user identify what content engages best with their audience. We’ve noticed an increased trend towards the importance of visually driven social media, such as Instagram for the retail and hospitality sector. In response to this trend, we are constantly developing new ways of analyzing visual content to further understand user sentiment.


SoDash uses a tagging system to help customers navigate Big Data easily and more efficiently. Customized tags allow incoming messages and data to be categorized and chopped up into more relevant pieces of information. Our A.I helps customers to make sense of their data and react to each situation in real-time. This is done through interpreting whether a message is a customer complaint, sales lead, testimonial, or anything in between. From here, it automatically assigns it to the appropriate response team. For the hospitality sector, this can make a world of difference – a social media user complaining about a restaurant taking too long will be very impressed if their complaint tweet can be flagged and addressed before they leave. Our quick turn-around time gives businesses in the sector a real advantage when being responsive to user feedback, and presents unique revenue opportunities – from impressing new business, to retaining existing custo

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