More Sources

Extensive Coverage

The way people talk is constantly evolving. SoDash currently covers more online sources than any other tool on the market to ensure you are as connected with your customers as you can be.

Custom Tags

More Granular Understanding

Customisable tags allow incoming messages and data to be categorised and chopped up into more relevant pieces of information. This allows users to gain more meaning from what people are saying because you not only know how your customers feel, but also why they feel it.

Automated Responses

Big Impact, Small Resource

SoDash can use its AI core to interpret incoming messages and select and deliver the appropriate pre-written response instantly. Ghostwritten responses allow you to engage with large amounts of social traffic easily without using huge amounts of resource.
•    Create responses triggered by a number rules or phrases
•    Create multiple variations of responses for SoDash to randomly select, achieving a personal and human feel
•    Choose whether responses are automatically sent or saved to drafts for approval
•    Control frequency & limit responses
Just under half of all customers who get in contact via social media expect a reply within 60mins. Whether used for customer service, marketing offers or even crisis management, auto responses allow you to respond instantly and effectively without adding pressure on valuable resources.

Advanced Filtering

Deeper Analysis

Our powerful filters allow you to set a number of search criteria giving you ultimate control over your social data.  This allows you to see only information relevant to your brand, without wasting valuable time on unrelated social noise.
•    Location
•    Device (iPhone, Android, etc.)
•    Source (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
•    Gender
•    Date
•    Number of followers / influence
•    Relationship with author (e.g. friend or stranger)
It’s not the big social data that’s smart – it’s your ability to filter and interpret this data which makes it valuable. SoDash lets you do just that.

Actionable Reporting

Meaningful Insight

Customised tagsets mean your social data is as valuable as it can be. SoDash allows you to report on everything from top level overviews right through to drilling down to variables such as geo-tagging, gender, device, time and much more.

Additional Features

Your customer service toolkit for social


SoDash allows you to set-up email alerts for messages of interest, high/low levels of activity, and even sound alerts should you want to run SoDash in the background.

User Influence Score

SoDash generates a unique Twitter influence score allowing you to see who the most influential people to your brand are.

Mulitple Report Formats

SoDash includes the option to export reports to .csv, excel and PDF format.

Centralised Control

Our web dashboard lets you manage multiple accounts on social media and quickly switch between them.

Schedule Content

SoDash lets you compose, edit and review messages, and easily schedule posts to multiple social channels simultaneously.

Stay in Sync

SoDash includes various features to help your team work together effectively.

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