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This Business of Automation – A Marketing Love Letter

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Oh, marketing and automation. The darling buzzwords of the marketing world. But what does it actually mean, and can it really work? As we’ve seen with the booming success of Pardot, there’s a strong argument that it only really works when it’s part of a wider CRM system – like Salesforce, in their case. But is that really the case, or are we just looking in the wrong places.

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Social Media and the Job Market

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It’s no secret that trying to find a job is a very real challenge. Consider the range of challenges that face the modern jobseeker – businesses conducting ever longer interview processes, the lack of quality and meaningful interview feedback, the endless stream of applications that receive no reply. Suffice to say, these are things that can break even the most strong-willed candidate. Further to these issues, there’s a new avenue that a modern jobseeker must consider – and that’s their presence on social media. Read More

Social Media for Start-Ups

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SoDash Services is the easy cost-effective way to get social media working for your business.

The Challenge: Everyone now knows that social media can make and break businesses. Most businesses now have a social-media profile, and customers now expect it. But social media takes time! In a small business, your time and energy are stretched. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… where’s the time? Social media could generate leads, buzz & a customer community for you. But you need to focus on the product and business… How can you also use social media?

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Coming Soon: Marketing Playlist

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As part of your marketing campaigns, it’s usual to have a long list of Twitter content to be published at regular intervals each day for the campaign duration. Now SoDash will take away the work of scheduling each message at a different time each day: introducing the SoDash Playlist!

The new SoDash Playlist lets you set the frequency for publishing a list of campaign posts, and the days and hours to post between. Then just upload your list of messages, or add them individually, and SoDash will schedule each message randomly or in order. At the end of the campaign, just switch off the playlist.


Buyer Personas and How To Harness Them

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Having the right insight into your audience makes it easy to develop a perfect-fit sales strategy. Here’s how to use social media to enrich your buyer personas.

Antique head-and-shoulders line drawings laid out in grid on wooden table

Image credit: Nicolas Nova

Understanding the customer and their needs is key to success in sales. This is straightforward enough when selling one-on-one, where leads can be researched individually beforehand and strategy tailored according to their behaviour and presentation on the day, but when presenting a product to an audience, a more generalised game plan is necessary.

With buyer personas, this personal approach can be adapted to a mass market. However, while buyer personas are nothing new, the rise of social media means the concept is due for an upgrade.

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How to Streamline your Social Media Workflow

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By guest blogger Rachel R

flow chart

The two common misconceptions of social media are; that you have to dedicate an employee to post to an array of networks throughout the whole day. The more profiles you are engaging with, the more visibility you have. Wrong! The more profiles you have to engage with, the greater the workload.

So how do you streamline your social media workflow and maximise commercial gains? Read More