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Why You Should Use Social Media for Customer Service

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Customer Service Portal
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Customer service is changing in order to keep up with rapid growth and development of innovative communication channels. Billions of customers whiz past large amount of information on social networks, websites and blogs every day. Today’s customers are more demanding and savvy about products, brands and businesses online before they close on any deals. Due to this empowerment, customers demand for immediate and prompt access to information and in case they don’t get it they move on to the next alternative. Read More

Why a Social CRM has to include Email

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Email is Dead?The demise of email has long been foretold… and yet email is everywhere.

Email is the glue which binds digital networks together. Within a given circle, people often prefer Facebook, or What’sApp, or Twitter, or… But how do people communicate across apps? Using platform-neutral universal email of course. It connects across these networks. You can be confident that the person you’re dealing with will have an email address[1], and whilst they won’t post it (due to spammers), they won’t mind sharing it. Read More

The Importance of using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

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Are You Listening to Your Customers?klm

It is becoming increasingly apparent to businesses of all different sizes that social media is an essential marketing tool in the tech-focused world of today. The vast majority of businesses now have Twitter and Facebook accounts and use them every day to engage with their current, and more importantly, potential customers. Other, less obvious commercial social media platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest, are also being used to expand brand awareness. Read More

Collaborate on your calendar

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calendarpostPlanning for the future is essential. Planning an editorial calendar ahead of time allows content, design and other marketing specialists to work together. This helps to keep all marketing efforts in synchronisation.

If you haven’t got content to market you haven’t got a post.

Each product or service will have its peak interest periods. Create campaigns around topics to maximise brand awareness and increase the gain within these timescales. Read More

4 Ways to Streamline Your Social Media Workflow

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4 Ways to Streamline Your Social Media Workflow

By guest blogger Angela T

Social media is a crucial part of online life and a great tool that can be used to grow a business and reach new customers – but it can get a bit messy! Between posting links, content, answering questions and monitoring changes, it can become a full time job on top of the one you already have. And that’s just for one platform!

So how do you, the customer service manager, return to doing your job and spend a small portion of your time effectively using social media?
Here are a few tips that might just answer the question. Read More

Social Media: The New Customer Service Tool

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Twitter is now THE social media customer service toolThere is no doubt that customer service plays a very vital role in business success and there are a range of ways to engage with customers – from face-to-face to mass emails. In today’s market, social media is one of the newest forms of communication that businesses can use to reach and interact with their customers at a personalised level.

By mid-2015 Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users and Twitter had 316 million monthly active users. Considering that the companies were founded in 2004 and 2006, that’s a massive growth of social media users around the world.

Read More

Customer Service in the Age of Social Media

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Gatorade used SoDash to give great customer service in the age of social mediaThe key to customer service in the age of social media is contextual understanding of customers. Where are they, what are they doing and what are they interested in talking about?

Using our technology, Gatorade UK was able to engage marathon runners with relevant messaging and offers based on the stage they were at in their running journey. SoDash listens to more sources than any other tool on the market, so we knew no opportunity to engage was being missed due to lack of coverage. Read More

SoDash Won the 2014 UK Rail Industry Awards

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Tim Spring when SoDash won the 2014 UK Rail Industry AwardsSoDash won at the 2014 UK Rail Industry Awards!

Last night we polished our shoes, fixed our hair and put on our most flamboyant ball gown to attend the 2014 UK Rail Industry Awards in London where we were VICTORIOUS in the social media category.

Winning this award is great recognition for the excellent work we have done and are still doing.We will be continuing to close the gap between rail operators and their customers allowing them to talk with one another with greater understanding and enabling social customer service excellence.” – Dr Daniel Winterstein – Chief Technical Officer at SoDash. Read More