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How to Streamline your Social Media Workflow

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By guest blogger Rachel R

flow chart

The two common misconceptions of social media are; that you have to dedicate an employee to post to an array of networks throughout the whole day. The more profiles you are engaging with, the more visibility you have. Wrong! The more profiles you have to engage with, the greater the workload.

So how do you streamline your social media workflow and maximise commercial gains? Read More

Customer Service in the Age of Social Media

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Gatorade used SoDash to give great customer service in the age of social mediaThe key to customer service in the age of social media is contextual understanding of customers. Where are they, what are they doing and what are they interested in talking about?

Using our technology, Gatorade UK was able to engage marathon runners with relevant messaging and offers based on the stage they were at in their running journey. SoDash listens to more sources than any other tool on the market, so we knew no opportunity to engage was being missed due to lack of coverage. Read More