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Social Media for Start-Ups

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SoDash Services is the easy cost-effective way to get social media working for your business.

The Challenge: Everyone now knows that social media can make and break businesses. Most businesses now have a social-media profile, and customers now expect it. But social media takes time! In a small business, your time and energy are stretched. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… where’s the time? Social media could generate leads, buzz & a customer community for you. But you need to focus on the product and business… How can you also use social media?

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Coming Soon: Marketing Playlist

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As part of your marketing campaigns, it’s usual to have a long list of Twitter content to be published at regular intervals each day for the campaign duration. Now SoDash will take away the work of scheduling each message at a different time each day: introducing the SoDash Playlist!

The new SoDash Playlist lets you set the frequency for publishing a list of campaign posts, and the days and hours to post between. Then just upload your list of messages, or add them individually, and SoDash will schedule each message randomly or in order. At the end of the campaign, just switch off the playlist.


25 social media tips to supercharge your marketing

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Social media can be a bit of a jungle. Each platform has its own formats and rules. In order to succeed, you just need to learn the basics and then slowly expand your knowledge as you get to grips with each piece of advice.

If you’re hungry to make social media marketing an invaluable tool for your business, you will find these 50 tips will give you plenty to work with. This week we will look at 25 to get you started. Once you have had time to mull them over, we will be publishing another 25 so that you are fully armed for social media success.
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Using Social Media For Recruitment

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Planning to use social media for recruitmentMore and more of us are using social media within our daily lives. So it’s no surprise that jobseekers are turning to social media to find job openings, company knowledge, and to share their experiences. On the other hand, companies have been slow to harness social media for recruitment purposes. Jobvite’s 2014 recruiter survey found that most admit that they rely on active job seekers, but those who extend their searches to passive seekers find that the quality and quantity of applicants has increased.

In this blog post we outline ten top tips to get your social media recruitment on the path to success.

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Scottish Independence Referendum: Big Data and a Big Conversation

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Click here for the slides from our sold-out public lecture at the Edinburgh Science Festival, 2015.

In 1314 Robert the Bruce defeated Edward II’s army at Bannockburn, which led to Scottish independence. We have just 4 contemporary accounts of that struggle.

Well a few things have changed between then and now. In the 1970s, the US military invented the internet for the purpose of sharing pictures of cats and porn. It proved a success, and in the last decade, we’ve seen social media allow everyone with a computer or a smart phone to have an online voice. Read More

Why a Social CRM has to include Email

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Email is Dead?The demise of email has long been foretold… and yet email is everywhere.

Email is the glue which binds digital networks together. Within a given circle, people often prefer Facebook, or What’sApp, or Twitter, or… But how do people communicate across apps? Using platform-neutral universal email of course. It connects across these networks. You can be confident that the person you’re dealing with will have an email address[1], and whilst they won’t post it (due to spammers), they won’t mind sharing it. Read More

Collaborate on your calendar

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calendarpostPlanning for the future is essential. Planning an editorial calendar ahead of time allows content, design and other marketing specialists to work together. This helps to keep all marketing efforts in synchronisation.

If you haven’t got content to market you haven’t got a post.

Each product or service will have its peak interest periods. Create campaigns around topics to maximise brand awareness and increase the gain within these timescales. Read More