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Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social media is one of the most divisive issues in marketing today. On one side, we have hyper-targeted advertising potential, with click-through’s that need not cost an arm and a leg (depending on your platform of choice, of course). On the other, there’s the crippling doubt and uncertainty that comes with it, not to mention the colossal budget requirements – Snapchat are no strangers to charging 6 figures for the platform, but offer engagement that is leaps ahead of rivals. But what about you, and your business? In an ode to my old marketing lecturers (bless their souls), let’s break this down into a simple marketing mix – the good old 4P’s – Product, Price, Promotion, Place.



Depending on what you’re trying to promote, will depend on what platforms you can and should look at. Are you trying to increase your local footfall, and get more people knowing about your shop? Facebook’s geo-targeted ads might be the way to go, offering huge numbers of impressions for a small cost. Perhaps you’re trying to promote a video, or TV series? A strong visual platform will do well here, for example, Instagram. Maybe you’re looking to hit as wide a demographic as possible, across a range of mediums? You’re probably looking at Twitter as your best all-round option. Clarify what you’re offering to the market, and think about who it should reach. From here, you can create an advert that works for the demographics of each platform. Not sure about the numbers on the channels? Click here for this handy resource from the Pew Research Center.



Some platforms are more expensive than others, both in terms of what it costs you financially, and what it will cost you in time. If exploring the likes of Snapchat, be ready to spend big on your video, and on getting it to the platform. If dipping a toe in the water, Facebook is probably your go-to for learning. Twitter’s an interesting one, in as much as the cost per click is high, but the placement and targeting of your advert is way ahead of other platforms. It also likely results in a vast number of impressions, increasing your brand exposure.



Quite simply, some platforms respond better to certain types of advert. If you post a “buy this now” style advert on Reddit, you’ll take a ton of flak. But if you try this on Twitter, you might get more success. Perhaps re-label as “Learn More”, and trust that your website is persuasive? Of course, this does in many ways tie into price, as the advert creation can only really be decided by budget. Do you have copy that you’re confident will be shared naturally? Bid per impression, and trust it to work. Do you have copy that isn’t too attractive, but will get the brand name out? Try Twitter ads. One example that we ran for a day resulted in over 16,000 impressions on one Tweet, but only 3 link clicks. As such, while very few came to the website via the advert, it did wonders for our wider exposure and profile views.



There’s two ways to approach place. Firstly, we’ve already addressed the issue of “where should you put your ad”, so we’ll bypass this. But now, where on the platform do you want it to be? Do you want the platform’s affiliate networks, or not? Are you happy to pay for an ad on Facebook, but have it delivered on 9GAG? Do you want to be on certain parts of the website instead of others, eg, the right hand side, the news feed, the mobile feed, associated platforms? Here’s some handy research from our friends at HubSpot to help you figure it all out.

So now what?


Congratulations, you should now know whether social advertising is right for you, or whether you’re best off leaving it aside. But the main thing is, you now know! If you’ve landed on the side of pressing ahead, contact SoDash today to learn about how we can help you get a campaign off the ground. We’re an approved Twitter ads partner, meaning you can build the perfect Twitter ad without ever having to leave your CRM system. Curious? Click the logo below to contact us today!


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