SoDash 4 Ways to Streamline Your Social Media Workflow

4 Ways to Streamline Your Social Media Workflow

4 Ways to Streamline Your Social Media Workflow

By guest blogger Angela T

Social media is a crucial part of online life and a great tool that can be used to grow a business and reach new customers – but it can get a bit messy! Between posting links, content, answering questions and monitoring changes, it can become a full time job on top of the one you already have. And that’s just for one platform!

So how do you, the customer service manager, return to doing your job and spend a small portion of your time effectively using social media?
Here are a few tips that might just answer the question.

Organisational tools

Trying to do it all yourself without using any tools is like trying to build a bookshelf without a screwdriver – you might be able to do it but it takes a lot longer and is a lot more difficult. When it comes to streamlining the social media workflow for your business, one of the starting points is to manage the information you collect to create relevant posts. Whether this is link sharing or full content creation, by managing the research you can have it readily available when you want it.

RSS readers can be one way to do this, as they are ideal for finding content and then managing the sources of this content. It keeps everything you have designated as relevant in one place and allows ease of sharing with just a click or two. Another option is to use alerts, such as SoDash or Google Alerts, as these can be sent to your inbox.

Using a read-it-later service is another useful tool that will help you organise the information you will need for social media. SoDash provides a handy note-it bookmarklet for this, or there are free services such as Instapaper, which can be used to store articles as you see them then come back at a later point to go through the details. It is also possible to share these with others if you want someone to work from them or if you want another team member to approve the content idea.

Management tools

If you are a little less hands-on with the finding information to share to social media, there are also some good tools to use to manage both workflow and campaigns. For example, if you have a content writer then they can upload the content to a tool and this allows you to check it before it is then scheduled for release across social media. SoDash includes a centralised calendar to help with this.

Finally, if you simply don’t have the time to micro-manage all the aspects of your company’s social media campaign, then there are also managed services that can take over for you. There are skilled professionals who can manage your social media presence in a way that gets the best from every post or link and leaves you free to concentrate on other aspects of your role. SoDash’s teamwork tools make it easy to work with both internal and external colleagues.

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