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Scottish Independence Referendum: Big Data and a Big Conversation

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Click here for the slides from our sold-out public lecture at the Edinburgh Science Festival, 2015.

In 1314 Robert the Bruce defeated Edward II’s army at Bannockburn, which led to Scottish independence. We have just 4 contemporary accounts of that struggle.

Well a few things have changed between then and now. In the 1970s, the US military invented the internet for the purpose of sharing pictures of cats and porn. It proved a success, and in the last decade, we’ve seen social media allow everyone with a computer or a smart phone to have an online voice. Read More

Why You Should Use Social Media for Customer Service

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Customer Service Portal
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Customer service is changing in order to keep up with rapid growth and development of innovative communication channels. Billions of customers whiz past large amount of information on social networks, websites and blogs every day. Today’s customers are more demanding and savvy about products, brands and businesses online before they close on any deals. Due to this empowerment, customers demand for immediate and prompt access to information and in case they don’t get it they move on to the next alternative. Read More