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Why a Social CRM has to include Email

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Email is Dead?The demise of email has long been foretold… and yet email is everywhere.

Email is the glue which binds digital networks together. Within a given circle, people often prefer Facebook, or What’sApp, or Twitter, or… But how do people communicate across apps? Using platform-neutral universal email of course. It connects across these networks. You can be confident that the person you’re dealing with will have an email address[1], and whilst they won’t post it (due to spammers), they won’t mind sharing it. Read More

The Importance of using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

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Are You Listening to Your Customers?klm

It is becoming increasingly apparent to businesses of all different sizes that social media is an essential marketing tool in the tech-focused world of today. The vast majority of businesses now have Twitter and Facebook accounts and use them every day to engage with their current, and more importantly, potential customers. Other, less obvious commercial social media platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest, are also being used to expand brand awareness. Read More