Everything you need
to provide great
Social Customer Service

Track multiple sources
to be where your customers are

Cut through the social chatter
to find real issues


Easy to use

Whether its just you connecting and engaging with customers on social or a whole team of agents, SoDash grows with you

More Data Sources

SoDash can connect to more sources of data than any other social media platform. 

Quick to deliver results

From now on your customers will never feel like they’re just another ‘Support Ticket’

Companies manage social customer service better with SoDash because…

“Social Media has changed the way we interact with many thousands of customers. SoDash has allowed us to listen to all this feedback, respond to our customers, and learn what it is that they would like to see from us, every day.”

Richard Shilton – Virgin Trains

“We get a large amount of social media traffic about and to our company. SoDash has enabled us to listen and engage with people. We aren’t just responding to individual messages, we’re building relationships and understanding the progression of our conversations.

Joan Daniels – CalMac Ferries

“SoDash allows us to engage with our customers on the channels they choose.  We are able to listen and communicate with them in environment where they feel comfortable, as well as report on social interactions easily and efficiently.

Jamie Wicks  Hastings Direct

You can be where your customers are

Recent surveys show that up to 60% of consumers change their contact channel depending on what they’re doing.  SoDash listens to more sources online than any other tool on the market to ensure you never miss a customer conversation.

Filter out the noise to find customer service issues

Not all conversations are created equal.  Our research shows that on average less than a quarter of all brand, product or service mentions are support related.  Cutting through this noise manually is impossible.SoDash is designed to address the noise and relevancy issue.  Our powerful AI engine analyses your messages, separates noise and prioritises customer issues in real-time.

Build better relationships with your customers

If you’ve engaged with a customer before over social you’ll see the entire support history, detailed profile information and notes.

Collaborate behind the scenes, spread the workload and keep the whole team informed

Reassign content to team members with internal notes that only you and your colleagues can see. Add notes and other useful information – such as phone numbers or email addresses – to customer records within SoDash. Help your team identify VIPs or trolls for when they next get in touch.

Track the metrics that matter to drive better support

Social may be a completely unique medium for customer service but that shouldn’t mean you need a completely different set of metrics. SoDash enables you to track every metric the Contact Centre needs, such as AHT, CSAT, resolution codes and many more. Exit surveys can be integrated into our workflow enabling you to generate NPS scores as well.

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More Sources

SoDash listens to more sources than any other tool on the market, giving you the coverage you need to stay tuned in with your customers and on top of your competitors.

Custom Tags

Customisable tags allow you to get much more than basic sentiment from social data. Knowing what your customers feel is simple, SoDash can tell you why.

Automated Responses

Find yourself having to repeat the same response again and again? SoDash uses AI to respond to your audience en masse without sounding like a robot.

Advanced Filtering

Our powerful filter sets allow you to sort incoming streams depending on a range of variables including keywords, device, gender, influence and much more.